The Principle of Mentoring In Business

Starting a business is precarious enough, but to begin an enterprise in a commercial way without good advice, is foolish. Mentorship is described as a relationship of personal development where a more knowledgeable and experienced individual helps in guiding a less experienced and less knowledgeable person in a quest or project.

A mentoring in business process involves a process of communication and the passing on of experiential and practical principles that in most applications will be successful.

A business owner needs to wear many hats, and he or she lives in a world of constant events that seem to all take place at once. One of the most important principles that a mentor can pass on to the aspiring business person is that of the ability to create priorities from all of the chaos that ensues.

Such elusive skills as marketing, financing, personal relations, decision making, hiring and training of employees, and business expansion all are skills and traits that can be learned and applied.

Another of the most primary areas that a good mentor will help a new business owner to focus upon is the ability to create meaningful objectives which are attainable, and then to foster practical ways to achieve those objectives. A mentor will be able to suggest areas where these objectives can come from, and also be there to advise what steps are to be taken.

mentor for business

It was once said that a business person who is not able to set meaningful objectives, will never know when they do or do not get there. If there are no goals, there is nothing to work or strive for, and after a short time, the work involved becomes meaningless and without merit.

One of the best pieces of advice any mentor could give is to make a list of the priorities for the next day the night before. These items should be the “must do” items that are prioritized as to their importance.

Then the next day, the business owner will need to be like a bulldog in concentrating on getting those items accomplished in spite of all the minor interruptions that will occur. The lesson learned is that time is gone quickly, and priorities are precious. Everyone else will attempt to get their priorities to the desk of the boss, but only the boss knows the real priorities of the business.

Mentorship can be a real difference maker for an new entrepreneur, and it should be utilized to the fullest extent if offered.