Selling Your Car Or Business Fleet Online

A Quick guide to Selling a Car Online

Selling a car is always a bit of a challenge, but even more so now with the advent of the internet. One thing you will have trouble with is the sheer amount of people already trying to make a sale, and yours is quite literally just a drop in the bucket.

Fortunately there are a few hints we can send your way that will help you to not only sell the car but also make a decent profit. Keep reading for more information.

sell your car

Tip #1 Research is your Friend

Before you try to list your vehicle it would be a good idea to take a look at other similar vehicles on the market. Websites like will serve to give you a fair estimate of what you should be listing your vehicle for, and you should shoot for that number.

If you want to make a quick sale, you could always go for a slightly lower price, but it is never advisable to ask for something totally unreasonable.

Tip #2 Take Pictures

When selling a car online you will need to take lots of pictures. The buyer wants to know every single detail about the car, and you need to provide them. It is recommended that you take forty or more photos including the front, back, sides, interior, undercarriage, and even the engine.

In addition to that, make sure you take several photos of the vehicle in different locations. Ask yourself this: would you really want to buy a vehicle if the seller simply provides one or two photos of it sitting in a front yard? Show the potential buyer that the car can actually move, and that it looks interesting.

Tip #3 Be Proactive!

Selling a car online requires you to be proactive. To put it simply, the car isn’t going to sell itself. When someone calls or e-mails you about the vehicle, make sure you answer right away. The worst thing you can do is keep them waiting, especially when there are thousands of other ads they could be looking at right now.

Tip #4 Write a Good Description

Selling a car online will require some finger work on your part. You need to write a great description of your vehicle, and you also need to use keywords int he headline.

For example, you should fill in the year of the car as well as the make and model along with any other relevant details. Doing this will lead potential buyers right to you. Selling a car on the internet is not always easy, but it is not as hard as some people make it out to be. Start planning your sale today and cash in tomorrow!

Understanding Payroll Benefits In Your Business

Understanding payroll benefits


Upon employment, the employees are entitled to a pay at the agreed time mostly end of every month. With this comes with a range of payroll benefits that are a composition of amounts withheld from the employee salary and a contribution made by the employers.

The amounts withheld are then forwarded to various bodies to cater for collective needs of the employees that include healthcare, retirement, childcare, tax, and insurance among others. This is done in accordance to stipulated laws of the state alongside the company’s policies.

Social security

At the time of paying the salaries, the employer is required to withhold a specific amount of the employee’s salary for contribution to the social security. The employer is also required to make an additional amount that is equivalent to the amount withheld from the employee.

The amount contributed for social security is based on either a percentage of the employee’s salary or a specified amount. This is then remitted to a body recognized by law where the employee will be entitled to the amounts upon attaining the age of retirement. This amount can also be accessed in the event of terminal illnesses or disability that may necessitate permanent removal from any form of employment.

payroll benefits


Industry requirements put employers under obligation to insure their employees. This is however dependent on the duties and responsibilities of the employee within the organization. Other than this medical insurance for the employees that includes a range of common ailments, disability and life insurance is also provided. This falls within the duty of the employer to offer the same for its employees on the basis of its employment packages.

Paid holidays and vacations

Holidays, vacations and sick leaves are also among the payroll benefits that accrue for the employees. This includes offering of paid holidays trips as well as salaries for the period even without having the employee at work. This should as well include paid sick and maternity leaves where the employee should be accorded adequate time to get better before resuming duty.


The range of payroll benefits available within organization varies. Whereas there are benefits stipulated by the law as rights of the employees, others are included in the employment packages of the organization. For this reason there is need for employers to adequately inform their employees on the benefits they are entitled to and how the same affects the agreed salaries. This should be alongside following the laws set by the state in regard to labor laws.

Choosing The Right Office Insurance For Your Business



There is insurance available for every type of business to cover any kind of risk. Amounts of coverage and costs will vary among insurers. When you meet with the insurance companies you should discuss your specific business needs and risks and the types of insurance coverage the agent or company offers. There are several types of business insurance. The insurance agent can advise you on the right office insurance and liability insurance for your company.


General Liability Insurance

All business owners should have general liability insurance which covers any legal risks due to injuries, accidents, or other claims of negligence. These types of insurance policies usually pay for property damage, bodily injury, libel, the cost of defending against lawsuits, slander, and any judgements or settlement bonds.


Product Liability Insurance


If your business manufactures, distributes, wholesales or retails products, you may be liable for the safety of the product. Product liability insurance provides protection for your business against financial loss which is a result of a product defect which causes bodily harm or injury. The amount of insurance coverage you will need depends on the type of products you deal with.

office insurance


Professional Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is something every business should consider purchasing this type of insurance for their business. This type of business insurance will cover against malpractice, errors, and negligence that may result from the business or services you provide. It is possible that your state will require this type of insurance, depending upon your profession.


Commercial Property Insurance

Another important insurance for businesses to purchase is coverage against the damage or loss of company property. This type of insurance helps cover many different events such as smoke, fire, hailstorms, the wind, vandalism or civil disobedience. Typically, these companies use a wide definition of property which will include business interruption, lost income, computers, buildings, money, and company papers.


Home-Based Business

If you have a home-based business, you may not be aware that your homeowner’s insurance probably does not cover losses to your home-based business. You may be able to add riders to your homeowner’s policy to cover risks that may occur during normal business hours, but generally, you will need to purchase additional office insurance to ensure that you are covered against all possible losses.


Choosing the right business insurance is a decision almost all business owners will face. There are several types of insurance so talk with your insurance agent to find the right type for your business.

All About VAT Returns In London

In case your value added tax return (VAT) in London is late, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will be charged for a percentage of the unpaid Value added tax at the due date. You’ll not be charged the very first time this happens, but you a warning will be issued. If it occurs again inside the following twelve months, an estimate will be made to determine a surcharge of up to 15%. There are various kinds of tax, therefore you should make certain you apply the right amount. Charging 17.5%, 5%, 0% or exempt could make a noticeable difference to your profit margins.

If you’re unsure as to what value added tax to charge, seek expert consultancy from a value added tax consultant. Paying VAT on-line implies that the due date of the return and payment to arrive at Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs can be extended by an extra seven calendar days. VAT registered companies benefit from this scheme as it allows them to pay VAT in 9 monthly installments and after that pay a balancing payment, every year. There are one million businesses eligible for this, but your annual turnover, excluding Value added tax must be less than 1.35 million.

VAT returns

The main advantages are that you don’t receive extortionate VAT bills when it’s uncomfortable since your payments are staggered through the year. This aids your cash planning, less time is spent filling out Value added tax returns as you only have to fill our one return a year as opposed to the usual four. In case your annual turnover is less than 660, 000, you’re eligible for the cash accounting scheme whereby you just pay value added tax on invoices that have been paid. You’ll not be capable to use this scheme once your turnover reaches 825, 000.

The main benefit of using this cash accounting scheme is that it helps cash flow, particularly if you’ve clients who pay late. This also implies that you can’t reclaim value added tax until you’ve paid your suppliers. You can calculate your value added tax payment as a flat rate percentage of your turnover by using this scheme. The percentages are calculated according to which sector you trade in. By using this scheme, you’re unable to reclaim the VAT that has been paid as this is taken into account and added to the flat rate percentage. The flat rate scheme saves you time and perhaps money as you do not need to account for the VAT charged on every sale and purchase made. Any decisions made by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs must be confirmed in writing, this acts as an insurance contract.